UPC Business will impress you

UPC has been offering communication solutions for businesses since 1999. That is why today over 16,000 large and medium-sized businesses from all industries rely on the flexible and innovative communication solutions provided by UPC Business. Cantonal banks, hospitals and public authorities also transmit their data via the UPC network. UPC Business has gained its customers’ trust thanks to five particular strengths:

•        Innovative products

•        Customised solution design

•        Efficient project management

•        Attractive pricing

•        Professional business support

Transfer of expertise for SMEs
The expertise that UPC Business has acquired through projects with large customers is systematically integrated into the solution design of SME products. So SME products from UPC Business are both innovative and reliable in equal measure. Specialist UPC Business partners are responsible for the sale, installation and activation of the solutions on site.

Partnership with a capital “P”
UPC Business implements many contracts and projects jointly with high-profile national and international solution partners. Well-organised teamwork is crucial for ensuring that customers receive the best possible support with finding and implementing solutions. Depending on the situation, UPC can play either a leading or a supporting role.

Infrastructure: built for the future

The UPC network covers all centres of population and all regions of Switzerland. Ninety-five per cent of the network consists of fibre optics. In Switzerland, 85 percent of companies are less than 500 metres away from the fibre optic network. The communication platforms offer state-of-the-art technology. They form the basis for secure, fast, stable data transport from end to end. The cable standards HFC, DSL and fibre optics are used in the connection networks. Available bandwidths: 1 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

As one of the first multi-play IP carriers, UPC can offer all cable-based communication services with excellent value for money. For mobile solutions (Business Mobile Internet), UPC works together with a partner.

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