Inspiring moments, lively encounters, undreamt-of possibilities: THE CIRCLE will become the place to be at Zurich Airport. A new centre with 180,000 m² of floor space is set to enhance Zurich’s attractiveness well into the future. The site will offer an unprecedented blend of business and lifestyle, culture and entertainment, hotels and conference facilities, education and medicine. THE CIRCLE is being built as part of a co-ownership structure: Flughafen Zürich AG holds 51% and Swiss Life AG 49%. Completion is scheduled for End of 2019. Opening in 2020.


Ground space: 37 000 m²

Total floor space: 180 000 m²

Park: 80 000 m²

Investments: CHF 1 billion

Projectleader & Owner: Flughafen Zürich AG

Co-Investor: Swiss Life AG

Architect: Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop, Tokio

Construction: HRS Real Estate AG

Sustainability: LEED Platin-Zertifizierung

Completion: End of 2019

THE CIRCLE: Zurich's new destination

Inspiring moments, lively encounters, undreamt-of possibilities: THE CIRCLE is the place to be at Zurich Airport. The new centre offering 180,000 m² of floor space is set to enhance Zurich's attractiveness well into the future.

THE CIRCLE is an architecturally striking complex of buildings within walking distance of the terminals which has been designed to serve a wide variety of uses. The site will offer an unprecedented blend of business and lifestyle, culture and entertainment, hotels and conference facilities, education and healthcare. THE CIRCLE represents the logical next step for the airport's retail centres. Over 150,000 passengers, commuters, visitors and staff frequent Zurich Airport every day. Drawing on the airport’s footfall and infrastructure, THE CIRCLE is a uniquely attractive location.

Attractive offices, two Hyatt Group hotels with a convention centre, health clinic, various brand worlds, along with art, culture, restaurants and education facilities: THE CIRCLE offers an innovative mix of uses that will generate synergies and create a unique atmosphere throughout the complex. It boasts a distinctive characterful setting: inviting plazas, lanes and THE PARK are the perfect places to relax, shop and simply enjoy life.

THE CIRCLE has direct underground and street-level links to Zurich Airport and its wide range of shopping and dining options. Direct flights, intercity trains, S-Bahn rapid transit service plus access to the local public transport network and the motorway as well as underground car parking represent the optimum transport infrastructure – THE CIRCLE is rising up at the best-connected location in Switzerland.

However, not only the location and multi-use concept are extraordinary, architect Riken Yamamoto's vision sets new standards for Switzerland. From the outside THE CIRCLE presents a unified appearance that references the predominant shapes of the airport. Within the complex itself, however, the flair of a small-scale city centre is evoked. Yamamoto was tasked with creating 180,000 m2 of usable floor space over an area of approximately 30,000 m2. He has masterfully succeeded by making six different buildings out of one, and breaking these buildings up towards THE PARK, creating a downtown ambience within THE CIRCLE. The project is being realised through a joint ownership company, with Flughafen Zürich AG and Swiss Life AG holding stakes of 51% and 49% respectively. The investment costs run to approximately CHF 1 billion. Development, management and all operating responsibilities will be handled by Flughafen Zürich AG on behalf of the joint ownership company.

Following six years of project development, marketing and planning, construction work began in the spring of 2015. Around 200 people are currently working on the biggest construction site in Switzerland and this number is constantly increasing. THE CIRCLE is rising up, and Zurich's new destination is gradually taking shape. The workers on the building site are mainly occupied with pouring concrete at present. 

As far as sustainability is concerned, THE CIRCLE is setting new standards. Heating and cooling needs will be met with energy stored in underground thermal storage units, while energy and water consumption will be minimised through recovery systems. Photovoltaic arrays installed on the roof of the complex are a further source of renewable energy. THE CIRCLE will meet the highest level of LEED® certification – platinum – and Minergie accreditation will also be sought.

Prospective tenants are showing great interest, and over half the floor space is already let. Owing to over-capacity, the office market is undoubtedly the most difficult one at present, but we are getting positive feedback and are confident that the excellent locations and our modern high-quality premises will find tenants.

960x 200 The Circle

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