The world of work is changing beyond recognition. The mass commute, the 9-5 routine, is gradually giving way to a brave new world in which people work at times and in places that suit them. They use mobile devices to make business deals as they walk down the street. They draft documents on laptops in trains, planes, and at coffee tables. Worldwide, mobile workers exceed one billion, and with ever smarter phones, tablets, laptops and cloud-based systems, their number will only grow.

It’s easier to do business than it’s ever been. But running a business has never been more complicated. When people can work anywhere, any time, they are harder to organise. And new technology and new equipment do not automatically make people more productive.

Regus pioneered flexible workplaces almost 30 years ago and now leads the world in helping businesses make flexibility work for them and their people. Regus’ global network of 3,000 business centres in over 100 countries makes it easier for businesses of any size to succeed by working in new and more productive ways. We provide a seamless network which ensures that wherever our customers are in the world, there is a Regus workplace close by.

Companies like Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline plus millions of other businesses come to Regus to have their business lives made easier. With our support, they find ways to help their people work where they want to when they need to, to make the best possible use of their working time, and avoid paying for things they don’t need. 

When people use Regus, they get access to our connected network of business centres, giving them a dedicated place to do business. We provide a convenient, high-quality, fully resourced space to work, whether they need it for a few minutes or a few years.

Succeeding in business will always be demanding, but it makes a huge difference when Regus looks after all the little things that go to make up an efficient working environment – leaving our customers free to concentrate on their business.

As the only truly global workplace provider our mission is to make our customers more successful and to make it easy for people and companies to do the best work of their lives. That is it.



We support our customers with the right workplace that suits their needs. Our network in Switzerland provides formats and customer locations ranging from core office-based locations, open plan spaces and business lounges to railways stations and airports. Strategically positioned our business centres can be found across Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Lugano, Winterthur, Schaffhausen, Versoix, Nyon, Zug, Lucerne and Pfäffikon and is expanding.

Currently some 2.3 million individuals rely on Regus to help them work, benefitting from our global network of 3000 locations, across over 1,000 cities in more than 100 countries.



Regus offers companies and individuals everything they need in the modern workplace. Our products and services include:

Regus is the global workplace provider.

We help businesses work in a flexible and mobile way. We do this by providing dedicated workplaces with a wide range of supporting services that are convenient, flexible, cost effective and easily accessible, by the hour, day, week, month or even year.

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