The services we offer are as wide-ranging as the requirements of the clients we serve. With 100 services covering the auditing, accounting, taxes and consulting, we lay the foundations for sustainable corporate success in the long term.


When it comes to audit issues, we are the right partner for listed and unlisted midsize companies, nonprofits and public administrative organisations. Many years of experience have made us familiar with our clients’ business models, and we supply them with the right information at the right time when entrepreneurial decisions have to be made. Our audit focus is not limited to interpreting figures in the annual financial statement; we also take account of factors such as the corporate environment and strategy, as well as core processes and selected key areas. We know the challenges our clients have to face – including changing technologies, specific market positioning or new laws and modified overall conditions – and we take them as the basis for developing the right audit strategy for each individual client.

Because we are an audit company recognized by the supervisory authorities, medium-sized and smaller entities in particular place their trust in our expertise on regulatory matters.


Our accountants will always offer you independent, professional and innovative advice on business as well as personal issues. Thanks to our client partner principle, every client is assured of comprehensive support from one single source – so you can focus all your efforts on your strengths. It is up to you to decide how, and to what extent, you want to take advantage of our services: We integrate flexibly into your company, and we provide you with access to our specialist know-how. So matters such as payroll administration, accounting, pension funds and tax are in the best hands when you come to us. Our Internet Accountant also offers you the opportunity of managing your accounting online – a flexible solution that saves you time and is available in any location.


Our wide range of consulting services share one common objective: We shoulder responsibility and provide you with expert advice when making and implementing all business related decisions.

Our tax advisors are thoroughly familiar with the numerous changes to the legislation, and they always offer you up-to-the-minute expertise in this regard. As you would expect, the same is true of our legal experts who are ready to assist you professionally with issues in the areas of commercial law, company law, bankruptcy law, tenancy law, inheritance and matrimonial law, social insurance law, contract law or labour law.

Our Swiss and international specialists will always provide comprehensive expert support in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Transaction Services, Company Valuation and Forensic Services.

This highly integrated Swiss business software with e-business and e-commerce functions is specifically geared to the needs of SMEs, local authorities and utilities. We will implement your requirements in the ABACUS ERP software in keeping with your processes and with the focus on solutions.

Major IT projects, support or service contracts – our IT services make us the ideal partner to operate and maintain IT resources for SMEs and local authorities.

BDO is the right partner for your real estate issues. We know our way around the Swiss market, and we know the points to watch for as regards supply and demand.

Our integrated, sustainable solutions for all issues along the entire HR value chain create the best conditions in every sector for excellent performance in personnel management.


Smaller firms and major international corporations alike: Clients in over 160 countries across the globe benefit from the advantages offered by BDO’s network.  Together with our partner firms in Europe and overseas, we successfully carry out international mandates with a professional approach. Our partners share our values and skills, and they ensure that cross-border processes mesh seamlessly. As well as sharing our know-how, we also exchange experiences on best practice methods – always with the aim of offering our clients services that are as effective as they are efficient.

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No matter where you are in Switzerland – Thanks to our branch network, we can guarantee that we are always in your neighbourhood. From Geneva to St. Gallen and from Basel to Lugano: Our advisors offer their clients the same straightforward, professional service everywhere. They have close ties with their regions, and they are thoroughly familiar with local conditions. When specific problems arise, they draw on knowhow from BDO specialists throughout Switzerland and in our international network. Thanks to this coverage, we can guarantee constantly high service quality for our clients throughout Switzerland, no matter what kind of problems bring them to us. Our branch network comprises five regional management teams: Western Switzerland, Midlands, Northwest Switzerland, Zurich-Eastern Switzerland, and Central Switzerland (which also covers the country’s Italian-speaking region). All the regional management teams have specific strengths (not least because economic conditions sometimes vary from region to region), and they also have to tackle different challenges. The five regional heads outline these strengths and challenges in brief here.

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