Introduction from Marieke Hood, Head of the Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)

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SE Marieke004crop"Enabling new business” is Switzerland Global Enterprise’s motto. As such, we are delighted to be collaborating with the Export Guide.

Our team in London, the Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland, is in touch daily with UK entrepreneurs looking at Switzerland as a springboard to international success. Switzerland is indeed a fantastic location for this. It is a reliable, predictable platform to trade with the European Union and beyond, whilst maintaining optimal flexibility and agility.

We have more than 120 agreements with the EU, covering all industries and enabling smooth international business relationships with our continental European partners. We are also the only country to have signed trade agreements both with China and Japan.In Switzerland, the public authorities are extremely approachable, business friendly and solution-oriented. The labour laws are the most flexible and straight-forward in Europe and the Swiss confederation consistently works to reduce red tape and enforce the most attractive framework conditions for business.

Switzerland offers an outstanding manufacturing environment. The Swiss industrial production per capita is higher than in Germany, the US or China, and focuses on the most complex, regulatory sensitive outputs. Our British contacts from the pharma, medical device and advanced engineering industries are very interested in this capability. In Switzerland, you will find every possible supplier in a radius of 300km – fertile ground for potential partnerships.

Finally, international rankings consistently place Switzerland amongst the very best for R&D and competitiveness. The potential for collaborations between Swiss private and public applied research institutions and UK companies is enormous: life science, fintech, nanotech, artificial intelligence and data analytics are currently in the spotlight but the scope of opportunities is vast.

Switzerland has everything in place to be a platform for UK companies to thrive internationally: savoir-faire, skills, regulatory framework, as well as inspiration and ambition.

Switzerland Global Enterprise and its London office, the Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland, are here to support UK companies interested in setting-up operations in Switzerland. I look forward to future collaborations, keep in touch and meet with us in our Swiss or UK offices!

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Marieke Hood
Head of the Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)


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